RAFA (Rank-and-File Action) is a caucus within UAW 2865 dedicated to empowering the union’s rank-and-file members to build a strike-ready union. We have a program to rebuild UAW 2865, grounded in the knowledge that committed labor actions and strikes are our most important and powerful weapons in the struggle for workers and students throughout the University of California.

On Strike Readiness

Our union’s power lies in the thousands of workers who constitute it, and their ability to withhold their labor — to strike. Our union’s strategy must therefore place rank and file membership and strike readiness at its center. We win meaningful gains not through legal maneuvering, canny arguments, or the humanity of UC management, but because we are prepared to strike.

Pay Us Enough to Live Here!

Academic student workers teach approximately half of all educational hours delivered in the UC, for which we are allotted a mere 2% of the UC operations budget. Recent generations of student workers have endured skyrocketing rents throughout California, in some cases by 15% per year and over 50% across the length of our four-year contract. Rent burden is defined as spending 30% or more of your income on rent. It is typical for many of us to spend over half.

For a Rank and File Union

Organized labor functions on the idea that workers can win when they struggle together. A rank and file union is a union that empowers its members — the rank and file — to express the political will and strategy of the union as a whole.

Cops Off Campus and Out of Labor!

The labor movement has a pivotal part to play in the growing rebellion against policing across the country. The way that “police unions” protect killer cop after killer cop makes this plain enough. Cops may have worker associations, but they are not our fellow workers. They are structurally incapable of solidarity because their purpose is to crush dissent, break strikes, and protect the racist status quo. RAFA has a strategy to advance the struggle to get cops off our campus and out of our labor movement.