International Council

We are a group of international grads in the UC who organize within the new Rank and File Action (RAFA) labor caucus. We connected across UC campuses during the COLA movement, as we discovered a major gap in solid information for international students and workers, and as we discovered that we are a major political force within the UC. For better or worse, we are the people with the most experience navigating the UC’s labyrinthine bureaucracy. We know the answers, or where to find the answers. We will fight for you and with you.

Recent Posts

No More False Alliances

The response to the Trump administration’s targeting of international students during the pandemic displayed the familiar tendencies of workers on the defensive, in a reactive mode. Amid the moral outrage, sloppy hot-takes, and airy condemnation of Trump and of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the majority of practical organizing saw UC graduate student workers align with UC administrators in sudden shared antagonism to the Federal Government. We, naturally, do not want to lose our visas and jobs; the UC does not want to lose a significant portion of its labor force, or its claim to a diverse and international…

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