International Council FAQ

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California Residency


The housing situation varies by campus. Reach out to people locally to learn the real situation of housing (e.g., how many years you are guaranteed on-campus housing, estimated waiting times, etc.). To get connected with folks on your campus, fill out the contact form for the RAFA international students council. 

The rental markets in some areas of the state is among the worst in the world. Check out for more information about the rent situation and the demands that grad student workers made last year in connection to the housing crisis in Santa Cruz.

Health Insurance

TA Hours

Summer Employment

Working Abroad

Right to Political Participation

Regardless of what you may hear, it is important to remember that we have the right to political participation in the United States. This participation can take many forms. The RAFA International Worker Council is one example of politicized international grads in the UC. You should get involved with us: contact us here.