Who are we?

Rank and File Action is a labor caucus of academic student workers in the University of California. It emerged in the wake of the UC-wide struggle for a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), and as part of the resurgence of rank and file unionism across the US labor movement, especially in the education sector. 

In rank and file unionism, organizing and struggles are led by members who do not hold staff or officer positions. We get together and collectively determine what we need and what we need to do to get it. 

RAFA wants to shift the balance of power within the UC in favor of the academic workers that make the university run. We will only make gains when we take risks together to achieve a goal. This is easier said than done. We believe that underneath every powerful collective of workers are deep relationships of trust, built over time and through the confidence that comes with taking concrete action against the boss. 

Our organizing projects are expressions of the self-organization and self-interests of workers. We’re looking for academic student workers who are ready to advance and shape these projects, and to kickstart new ones. If you’re ready to build power to fight for yourself and workers around you, let’s talk.

The power of unionized workers will come from the rank and file, or not at all.